Power Yoga

What type of Yoga does the Yoga Doc Teach?

Dr. Craig Aaron, also known as “The Yoga-Doc” is the co-creator of DDP Yoga, the co-author of the original “Yoga for Regular Guys” book and is a holistic sports chiropractor and applied kinesiologist who holds certifications in sports extremity management and acupuncture meridian dynamics. The Yoga-Doc is also the Director of Certification for DDP Yoga Training Group, LLC.Contact him at yoga-doc@ddpyoga.com with any questions regarding DDP Yoga Teacher Training Programs.

The Aarons describe their yoga classes as: Balanced Freestyle Vinyasa, which borrows from the Ashtanga, Iyengar and Anusara Yoga traditions while offering a fresh infusion of humor, upbeat music and sports medical information.

“Freestyle” describes the spontaneous, creative and free flowing aspects of the Aarons’ teaching style.

“Balanced” describes the Ashtanga principle of flexion or bending poses which flow into extension counterposes. This emphasizes the balanced and therapeutic results that the Aarons’ yoga classes deliver to their students.

“Vinyasa” means flowing or connecting. Vinyasa Yoga is defined as a series of Hatha Yoga postures which flow from one to the next. The Ashtanga Yoga system is a type Vinyasa Yoga.

What kind of benefits will I receive from this type of Yoga?

You can expect measurable gains in strength, flexibility, stamina, body control and lung capacity. You will also find that yoga is an incredible stress buster which leads to improved sleep, digestion, mental focus and sexual function…….What a Fantastic Deal!!!!!!

Dr. Craig Aaron’s “Extreme Yoga for the Warrior Athlete”

Dr. Craig Aaron has released an incredible yoga video which focuses on functional athletic training for Peak Performance.

This video is designed for both professional and amateur athletes and anyone who is looking for strength, flexibility, endurance and more.

The Aaron’s have worked with Jamal Lewis, Dorsey Levans, Hines Ward and Wayne Gandy of the NFL; Matt Kuchar of the PGA; Joe Inman of the senior PGA Tour, Robbie Ginepri top 50 ranked tennis pro; and many Georgia Tech athletes.

“I always make it a priority to see Dr. Aaron between golf tournaments. His combination of assisted stretching, muscle work and chiropractic care makes for a very thorough and effective treatment.” PGA Senior Tour golfer Joe Inman

You can purchase Dr. Craig Aaron’s “Extreme Yoga for the Warrior Athlete” video  here using PayPal to start reaping immediate benefits.

Take Your YOGA Practice to The Next Level With This High Energy, Action-packed Workout, Which is Unlike Any YOGA Video You Have Done Before!

This Video has both a 30 and a 60 minute program that’s GUARANTEED to make you SWEAT!

This video is designed for both professional and amateur athletes who desire gains in strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and mental focus, but find traditional yoga programs and classes to be too slow or much too boring.

“Most yoga tapes are an easy workout, but I actually have to psych myself up for Dr. Aaron’s Extreme Yoga video. It is the perfect combination of flexibility, strength, cardio and balance.”
– Tyrone Poole. Starting cornerback for the 2004 Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots.

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DVD: $15.00 + 4.95 Shipping & Handling


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Page and Dr. Aaron’s book, Yoga for Regular Guys has been released and is now available. YRG redefines yoga and brings new dimensions, and a new attitude, to this age old form of exercise. Ready for a new lease on life?

The Yoga For Regular Guys program is the perfect fusion of Old School Calisthenics, Core Stability Training and Power Yoga, which also incorporates the hottest new concept of Isometric Slow Motion Strength Training.



DDP Yoga, the brainchild of Dallas Page and Dr. Aaron is now available.