Dr. Craig S. Aaron

Dr. Craig AaronDr. Craig S. Aaron is a magna cum laude graduate of the Life University School of Chiropractic. He is a holistic sports chiropractor and applied kinesiologist who holds certifications in sports extremity management and acupuncture meridian dynamics. He cares for local high school and college athletes as well as members of the National Football League, Senior Men’s Professional Golf Association, International Federation of Bodybuilders and World Wrestling Entertainment.

Dr. Aaron is a certified yoga instructor who studied Ayurveda and Yoga with Yoga Master David Swenson, the Ayurvedic Institute and the Atlanta Yoga Fellowship. He has been the Yoga trainer for Georgia Tech’s basketball and tennis teams, members of the Senior PGA tour, Association of Tennis Professionals, NBA, NFL and World Wrestling Entertainment.

Dr. Aaron is the developer and producer of the video, Dr. Craig Aaron’s “Extreme Yoga for the Warrior Athlete”, a fun and action packed program which focuses on functional training for peak athletic performance.

Dr. Aaron is a quoted contributor to the Awakened Athlete section of “Yoga Journal”, (October 2002 edition).

Dr. Aaron was recognized by “Atlanta City Magazine” as one of the top holistic chiropractors in Atlanta, (January 1999 edition).

Dr. Aaron and his client: professional wrestler and former WCW heavyweight champion, Diamond Dallas Page, are both acknowledged contributors to John Capouya’s, “Real Men Do Yoga”. Aaron and Page have teamed up to create, “Yoga for the Regular Guy”, a funny and informative healthy lifestyle program, soon to be available in book and DVD format.

Dr. Aaron was quoted contributor to “Alternative Medicine Magazine’s” article, “Yoga for Dudes” (Sept. 2004 Edition)